Personal Coaching

In order to provide better service, our center introduces Kinese: top-rated functional exercise equipment from Italy. Kinesis design is based on human structure and there are 4 different zones. Each zone, with 360 rotating pulley system, allows you to have tri dimensional movement, which can give a more deep isolation in internal muscle training. With Kinesis, you can improve your coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function. Kinesis is also ideal for individual and group training, making more stimulation and interaction to exercise.
Our professional coaches are experienced with different exercise equipment and methods such as circuit training, fitness boxing and functional training. With their professional knowledge, they will develop the most effective programme based on your personal health needs and fitness goal, especially for those with health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease, as well as pregnant women and sports person including football, tennis, swimming, golf and triathlon.