Matt Bennett

  • Managing Director of an International Recruitment Firm

I first started thinking about contacting Wallace when I saw some of his results on a few friends of mine. To be honest it annoyed me that I had been training so hard yet had not seen much change in my body definition whilst my friends seeing Wallace were showing dramatic change. From the first time I had heard of Wallace to when I finally called him was a good 12 months as, even though I saw what was possible, I doubted he could do the same for me.

How wrong I was.

From the moment I met Wallace I could tell that he had my best interests at heart. He was honest, supportive and seemed to be more interested in transforming my mind and body than he was to signing me up to a fitness plan that would not work.

Wallace explained to me that although my current diet and fitness regime were pretty good they were not in line with my goals. To get better results I needed to tweak a few things here and there. It was not so much about putting in more time or effort but rather redirecting where I was spending that time.

To put this in perspective, I am a 45 year old who likes the good things in life and that is not going to change too much. Although Wallace would prefer I changed my ways a little more than I have, he is supportive none the less as he is realistic.

I travel a lot through Asia which means entertaining both internal and external clients and there for it is very difficult to stay away from oily foods and alcohol. What he got me to do was focus on what I could do right rather than beat myself up when things went a little wrong.

With a new mindset focusing on how I can manage my good habits I have slowly but surely over the past 2 years ended up having more good habits than bad. And this really is what ANA is all about. Transforming both mind and body.

Although I did see instant results training with Wallace what impresses me the most about him is how he has kept me motivated to keep on going. I have my ups and downs and it would be easy to slip back into my old ways but when your trainer becomes a mentor you don’t want to let them down. Sometimes that is all the motivation I need.

My wife now also works with Wallace and she has seen the same results. Wallace, Yvonne and Martin have made our house a happier place to be. This further proves to me what great trainers they all are and what a unique place ANA is.