Kevin Rollenhagen

  • Swiss Swatch Group Greater China & Australia Managing Director
  • Swiss Swatch Extended Group Management Board Member

Omega has worked with ANA several times in the past for the purpose of providing advice to VIP customers and guests on good nutrition and healthy eating habits. As a producer of prestigious watches, jewelry and other high quality lifestyle products, our customers’ satisfaction is essential. We wish to be associated with an overall quality of life and not only with the products that we produce and distribute.

Therefore, the positive lifestyle message that we communicate must be both informative and of a high quality.

Wallace Ngai is an exceptionally gifted speaker. He is well-informed, connects well with our customers and guests, establishes an emotional connection with his audience and manages to present a sometimes sensitive subject with respect and humor. Comments from his presentations have always been well above average and very complementary to both Wallace and to the Omega brand. We would not hesitate to work with ANA and Wallace again in the future.