Jenny Shek

  • International School Teacher

The right place, the right time and the right person. Without Wallace, I know I would still be heavily obese and generally unhappy with the way I look and feel. I have been overweight my entire life and didn’t believe that there was a thin person in me. I’ve always dreamt of being thin and I thought dreams only came true in fairy tales. But Wallace was the one who helped me make my dreams come true. In the short time that I have trained with Wallace, he not only knows exactly how my body works, he also knows how my mind works and he can tell what mood I’m in as soon as I step into the studio! This is because he’s not just a personal trainer merely looking at the physical body in isolation; he takes the time and effort to really reach out and cares for our whole being, whether it’s emotional or psychological. As a result, I am a new and improved person physically on the outside but also a stronger, more confident person on the inside.

Words cannot express how much I am grateful and thankful for all that Wallace and the team at ANA have done for me. I now have a new life where I have learnt to make the right choices in terms of what is good for my health and fitness with the prospect of new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams.

Live simply, speak kindly, care deeply, love generously is Wallace in a nutshell. Losing all the weight and being the person that I am today is not what I gained the most in the time that I have known Wallace but gaining a good friend and brother in him has been.