Craig Shute

  • Senior Managing Director

To Wallace & all those that make ANA the success that it is, thank you for a wonderful evening on October 29, what a way to celebrate 10 years of success!

I first started with ANA in February 2009 when I saw an incredible transformation in a friend of mines physique in a short period of time. As I had never seen a personal trainer before or really ever done consistent weight training I thought I would give Wallace a month and see how I went. Well, now over 2 and half years later I am hooked, much healthier and 10 kg’s lighter. I don’t know how ANA does it, but in the past when I joined traditional gyms I would struggle to attend past the initial month & with no real benefits. I never enjoyed weights, wasn’t sure what to do, and struggled for motivation. Wallace somehow creates a sense of internal competitiveness to ensure that I maintain a healthier lifestyle and consistent weight. He consistently mixes up the exercises and challenges to maintain their interest, and has a holistic view on exercise and diet that produces real results.

Thanks to all those at ANA for making me fitter at 40 that I was at 25. Hopefully I will maintain this healthy attitude for the rest of my life.