Cecilia Chan

  • Professional Barrister

We, the Tsang Family, congratulate Mr. Wallace Ngai for the 10thanniversary in his career. Despite the initial internal struggling in certain family members at the concept of exercise, one by one we were all dragged into the gym for our training. That in itself is the first impressive achievement of Wallace and his ability to convince potential clients into doing things and seeing things his way.

But what are words without results? It was only after seeing the visible changes in our bodies that Yee Jeung (Uncle James) decided to pursue gym-time from Wallace. Having previously trusted in quack doctors over the benefits of a no carbohydrate diet, then a meat-focused diet, and then a pig-lard diet, it was frankly a miracle he was alive at all. While the previous diets promised overall health and benefits (were unsure if growing belly fat is a benefit), Wallace’s methods were direct and to the point. Yee Jeung lost 25 pounds of fat under his hand in 8 months.

For more willing members, Father lost 16 pounds of fat since he started in March 2010, and Sister lost 10 pounds of fat in 2 months. It was hard work, no doubt, but the overall result was that we felt better and looked better in general. Father, an office man who had never done sports of any kind in his youth, is now doing push-ups and weight lifting under Wallace’s guidance. Sister, previously chubby around the belly and the face due to a stressful university life, had slimmed down into the fair woman she is today. Brother’s slim physique had broadened distinctly. Even Mother, Yee Ma and Ling Yee (the two aunts ) had improved the overall strength of their bodies under the careful guidance of Wallace. We have no doubt that if they were to ever punch someone, it would actually hurt now.

But of all things, perhaps Wallace’s third and biggest achievement was instilling within us a sense of discipline towards exercise and diet in general. In essence, while going to his gym was a convenient and sure-fire way to burn off calories, general exercise has to be enforced and maintained by the individual person’s willpower. For example, when Wallace has a week overflowing with clients and cannot afford a time-slot, Yee Jeung still follows his instructions at home and controls his diet in a healthy manner.

Wallace, you have the gratitude of the Tsang family, and for helping us achieve what we thought was impossible for us. Thank you once again for everything, and again, congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your work.