Amy Ho Christal, Mark Christal

  • Director of an International Recruitment Firm (Amy)
  • CEO of an International Wealth Management Firm (Mark)

I first learnt about Wallace the “infamous” personal trainer from my peers at work, they gave glowing references and the positive results for them were clearly visible and therefore I was curious to see what Wallace and the team could do for me. My curiosity to try him out 8+ years ago has turned out to be a long term and very fruitful commitment! What led me to keep coming back was Wallace and his team’s knowledge, passion, attention to detail and dedication in what they do and their genuine interest in helping their clients to get healthy, fit and generally do better physically.

For these reasons and seeing great results from me, my husband who exercised regularly, but had suffered shoulder injury also started to join the Wallace team 5+ years ago. They have helped my husband to get fitter, toned and importantly through a targeted programme regained muscle strength post his sports injury.

Over the years, Wallace has given me and my husband great advice on our meals / diet choices as well as altering different types of exercise to suit our needs and goals. I have to give him and his team big credits for helping us both stay in shape and in particular keeping my energy levels up during my pregnancy with our twins. Wallace designed very effective programs for me which was great for weight control and strengthening muscles to help during and after the pregnancy and I was back in my pre-babies shape in no time after giving birth!

Wallace, Yvonne and Martin have definitely made going to personal training a lot of fun and very enjoyable. The friendliness, warmth and care we receive from the ANA team have made us feel like family. The fact long term clients like us keep coming back for more hard work and being pushed and challenged is a true testament to the fantastic job the ANA team does for us!