Education & Course

Contemporary Nutrition introduces basic nutrition concepts. This course aims to enlighten students on current dietary options and nutrition trends in a cosmopolitan city.

Course content

  • Discuss and explain healthy diet guideline
  • contemporary nutrition, food labelling, genetically modified food, festival food guideline, organic food, functional food, beauty and vegetarian nutrition.

Training Outcomes
Basic nutrition concept
Foundation to advance courses

3 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


Through the study of theories and practices, we incorporate nutrition, sports sciences, and behaviour modification into a comprehensive course.

Course Content

  • Human Physiology
  • Food Guide Pyramid
  • Exercise in Weight Management
  • Nutrition in Weight Management

Training Outcomes
Grasp a comprehensive concept of weight management
Analyse and plan a diet
Understand exercise in relation to weight control

3 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


In corporate with theory part, This course focus on practical skills on managing weight.

Course Content

  • Body assessment analysis,
  • Psychological counselling,
  • Nutritional supplements used to achieve the weight management goal.

Training Outcomes
Able to carry out diet and body assessment
Plan an individual meal and exercise program
Individual consultation with Registered Dietician to experience a weight management program

3 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


The purpose of this course is to offer a more in-depth training on disease and dietary therapy and discuss the cause and nutritional requirement of some of the common diseases such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

Course Content

  • Eelaborate the correlation between nutrition and disease,
  • to give knowledge of the connection between dietary deficiencies and
  • specific diseases and available treatments.

Training Outcomes
Better understanding of nutrition related diseases and their treatment
Incorporate nutrition into daily living to promote disease prevention

8 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


The objective of this program is to introduce a simple and easy alternative through combination of nutrition and exercise. This ultimately directs the athletes to a set of concepts useful in developing an effective means of achieving the desired results.

Course Content

  • Sports Physiology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Supplements used
  • Improving performance

Training Outcomes
Better understanding of different elements to aid in advancing sports performance

5 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


This course aims to explore the various growth aspects and nutritional needs across the life spectrum.

Course Content

  • Nutrition requirement during pregnancy
  • Nutrition requirement during childhood
  • Nutrition requirement during teenage and adulthood
  • Nutrition requirement for elderly

Training Outcomes
Better understanding of nutrition at different stages of life ranging from pregnant to oldersage.

4 sessions, 3 hours each, plus exam


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