Asian Nutrition Academy (ANA)

Asian Nutrition Academy (ANA) was established in 2001 by a group of health care professionals aiming to equip participants with the necessary skills to become experts in Nutrition and Weight Management through an in-depth study of nutrition and sports sciences. We are dedicated to promoting general well-being to the public and health and fitness professionals.

Advisory Member

Academy Advisory Member


Founder and President

Mr. Wallace C M Ngai (RD, Certified P.T.)

Wallace Ngai is the founder-president and chief executive officer of Asian Nutrition Academy. He completed his bachelor degree in Food and Nutrition at McGill University (Canada). He is also a member of Registered Dietician Association of Canada, international certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. Since Wallace working as a personal trainer and registered dietician for health club and hospital over the years, he has acquired substantial clinical experience in dietary and weight management. He had also lectured in various Asian countries namely Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Macau for the courses of nutrition, weight management, personal trainer training.

His expectation on teaching nutrition course is to deliver proper notion of weight management and healthy living. Hence the establishment of Asian Nutrition Academy becomes a place for people to exploit another professional skill and foster them to value add, understand the valid way of weight management in order to become a weight management specialist possessed healthy living style.


Honarary Community Health and Fitness Advisor

Frederick Fung Kin Kee

  • Chairman, Association for Demoncracy and People’s Livelihood
  • Chairman, ADPL Social Services Centre
  • Legislative Councilor
  • District Councilor (Shamshuipo)

Advisory Member

Ann Shiu T. Y. (MSc, HV, RM, RN)

  • External Examiner of the course “Health Promotion”, Degree in Nursing Programme, The Open University of Hong Kong.(2002-2005)
  • Honorary Research Fellow of the School of Nursing & Midwifery of the University of Southampton, United Kingdom.(2000)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong.(2001)
  • Co-author of International Refereed Journals for 15 publications and Research Report, National & Local Journals, Book Chapter, Conference Abstracts & Proceedings over 30 publications.
  • Msc Management (Health Services) (HKPU) (1996)
  • Msc Health Education and Health Promotion (Leeds)(1991)
  • Registered Nurse(1976)

Advisory Member

Mr. Robert Devereux

  • Fitness Trainer Director in California Fitness, Asian Region
  • B.Sc in Sports Science (Honor), London University, England
  • MSc in Exercises and Nutrition Science, Liverpool University, England
  • Lecturer in Personal Trainer programs at ACSM
  • Lecturer in Personal Trainer programs at ISSA
  • Certified International Personal Trainer
  • Experienced Lecturer in Fitness and Training programs

Advisory Member

Dr. Rosann Santora Kao

  • Curriculum evaluation for the Hong Kong Institution of Education
  • Program Coordinator of the School of Continuing Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Visiting Lecturer at institutions of higher education in Hong Kong and in the Region
  • Founding Member of HK History Of Women Project, 2001
  • Member of the Advisory Board, School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University, 1992-98
    Founding President of International Women’s Forum, HK, 1990
  • Founding President of Hong Kong Home Economics Association, 1986
  • Founding Bd Member of Asian Regional Home Economics Association, 1983
  • President and Chairman of Hong Kong Council of Women, 1975-79

Alice Lau

Spencer Tong

Mimi Li

Kenny Kwan

Kenny Lau

Leslie Chan